All About the Legendary LEGO Game, LEGO City

The Lego City Airport is the first set that the legendary Lego City set was released with. Mindscape, the creator of the legendary Lego Island in 1997, had previously warned that there would not be a second set released. However, it ended up being just that! And what a spectacular second set it turned out to be! The set includes a jet plane, an airplane, two taxis, and an airport terminal complete with a sign in English and Spanish. There are also several minifigures to collect including the pilot, the steward, the flight attendant, and a couple of service men.

This is a nice little bit of information regarding the history of this classic game. The game was very innovative at the time and set quite the precedent for game play at that point. It featured everything you’d expect to see in a game from a controller, wheels, an X-box style remote, etc… But it also included many elements not seen on other games at that point. Such as a time limit, or the ability to play against the computer.

The story line revolves around a company called Business Day that manufactures the first ever set of plastic bricks. It is the year 200X6 and the company needs money to expand it business. Naturally, they try to make more bricks but end up with the wrong color ones so they must rely on an unlikely source of material…garbage! The only problem is that since they don’t know the color, they don’t know if they should sell the set at all or not.

Bricks by Night is the first expansion to the game and introduces us to the characters we already know and love. We are introduced to Syndrome, a young woman who becomes the owner of the business. After finding a mysterious blue brick, she finds herself in trouble and the game takes place within the police station. This is where you take control of Syndrome and make a choice about how you will solve the mystery.

Within each level of the game there are five sets of five bricks. You start off by choosing a level to play on and then you will select a set of bricks to build your car. Once completed, you move on to the next level and continue to select new bricks to build your car. You even have the opportunity to stop at police stations and buy drugs and bribes to access the secrets within. The objective is to find the bad guys and destroy their cars before they reach the finish line.

Just like any traditional video game, you are allowed a cheat code in this game. This enables you to perform special maneuvers and tricks without having to re-load the level. In addition to this, you can also view all available cheat codes right on the LEGO website. This makes this game even more exciting because you know just what will be coming up on the screen! The game has been designed so that you do not have to use a cheat code unless you really want to.

The LEGO City Airport sets provide a great deal of legibility for younger children as well. They include the airport terminals complete with passenger planes. Included in this set are four minifigures: a pilot, a steward, a flight attendant, and a security officer. All of these figures have a carry handle and a mouth piece so that they can interact with the various passengers. They can talk to them and direct them to boarding gates while being guided by a hologram.

The LEGO City Rescue sets feature a new element called the Heroes for Hire that helps you in your mission to save the city. The Heroes for Hire minifigures include a fireman, security guard, cop, and burglar. This hero can be hired by the player in exchange for coins that can then be spent on different rescue missions. You also get to earn money through special cards that are obtained throughout the game.