Legendary LEGO Game: LEGO City Vs DC Universe

The LEGO Batman City Police Station sets have a lot to offer any fan of the Dark Knight movie franchise. Consisting of mostly dark gray bricks, the buildings and vehicles are built to scale and are very detailed. LEGO Batman is an interpretation of the DC comics world and has many familiar characters and locations. Here we take a look at some of the LEGO Batman sets and what they have to offer.

The Bat mobile is one of the most popular LEGO sets released. It is a dark gray metal body with a two wheel drive base and an attached helicopter that can be detached. It has plenty of storage space for all your needed gear and has an interactive light that will illuminate the figures inside. The Bat mobile set also comes with a security guard figure with a gun and a Batarang. The villains The Joker and Two Face also come as a minifigures and come with their own individual sets.

The LEGO Batman City Airport is another highly collectible set. It includes the airport terminal complete with ticketing counters, an airplane hangar, an emergency landing ramp and a taxi sign. It also includes a security scanning device and a biometric scanner. The terminal buildings have glass floors and ceiling, which are almost a perfect recreation of the concrete floors and walls in an actual airport. All the vehicles used by the character also come in separate sets and are painted and designed to exact detail.

The LEGO Batman City Rescue mission is another popular set. This requires the use of a BatMobile, a Batplane and a Batboat. The vehicles are made from mostly dark grey of chrome. The Batboat is a smaller boat with a retractable landing gear. The Batplane is a plane that is quite large, almost as big as a bus, and it has two seats for two people. The Batrocross is an all terrain vehicle that is quite fast and has excellent handling.

There are a wide variety of LEGO City hero sets available in the market today. Some of the most popular ones include the LEGO Batman City Rescue Minifigures, the LEGO Batman Superpowers, the LEGO Batman City airport minifigures, the LEGO Batman City Airport Rescue set and the LEGO DC Superheroes. The LEGO Batman City Rescue set has an entire air-sea pair of helicopters that can be fitted onto the back of the Batmobile. The DC Superheroes set includes every superhero in all his amazing outfits.

There are some classic sets that are still very popular among the fanatics of LEGO. The LEGO Batman City Island sets include many of the famous villains of the Dark Knight films. The LEGO Batman City Island Harbor set has an island full of vehicles and a dock with a ferry to it. The LEGO Batman City Island Harbor Authority contains minifigures of the characters of the Dark Knight, including Catwoman, Batman and the Batgirl. In addition to this there are also some exclusive minifigures: The Riddler, Two Face, Freeze and The Penguin.

The LEGO Batman Superpowers has some of the best super powers ever seen in the comic book world, and like the earlier LEGO Batman City Harbor set, it has an entire city on it. This one also includes boats, jets and other vehicles like trucks. The LEGO Batman City Rescue set has an entire team of rescuers who can tackle almost any problem that comes their way.

Other sets include some particularly bizarre and incredible LEGO kits. One such set is the LEGO Batmanropolis Cityscape, which combines the famous LEGO buildings from the comics with some of the most recognizable cities in the world. Another one is the LEGO Aquaman Ship, which is a ship that could only come out of the sea! So there are plenty of choices when it comes to these famous LEGO sets!