LEGO: Incredible Bugatti in original size from one million Lego bricks

With over one million pieces of the famous building blocks, LEGO teams have managed to build a perfect replica of a Bugatti. A “runabout” far from being able to do the 420km / h of his role model: but he drives!

“And yet it moves!” That would have called Galileo probably, if he had seen this incredible masterpiece: A speedster on four wheels, which consists entirely of … LEGO bricks!

No less than a million of the small building blocks of the legendary game were needed to create this faithful replica of the Bugatti Chiron. The Supercar, with its incredible combination of torque of up to 1,600 Newton-meters and 1,500 horsepower, can reach a maximum speed of 420 km / h.

The replica LEGO stones only has a much reduced torque of 92 Newton meters and just over 5 hp. But that’s enough to reach at least 30 km / h! So it’s not exactly a real racer, but it’s enough to get the admiration of those who love the little plastic stones.

Minutes of composition

The LEGO teams have used all their ingenuity to make this structure of more than 1.3 tons in weight to work. 20 employees took six months and a total of 13,000 man hours. There is no lack of parts: Among them are not less than 2,016 parts for axles and 4,032 for gears, but also 2,304 small electric motors, which are essential for the LEGO-Chiron can drive.

The vehicle is also equipped with a speedometer made of LEGO bricks and an active rear spoiler, which is operated with compressed air. It also has doors, lights, taillights, seat belts, a steering wheel and a brake pedal, all of which work!

Only from LEGO bricks … or almost only!

Not a single drop of glue was used to build this LEGO Chiron. However, a few Zugestädnisse had to be made Рit does not consist exclusively of the small building blocks.

The LEGO racer is equipped with the same tires as a real Bugatti and also has real rims. A steel frame also reinforces certain parts of this vehicle. Instead of the AA batteries used with small LEGO models, this model has a single 80-volt battery to power its motors. In addition, it has a 12 volt battery that powers the steering system.

However, the LEGO-Chiron consists of 90% of the famous building blocks. However, we do not know whether this faithful replica comes at the same price as its model: 2.4 million euros. You can buy some LEGO games from it!